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Dedicated to tvN's sitcom, Reply 1997. Also known as Answer Me 1997 and Respond 1997. (with a bit of Reply 1994 too).

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Jung Eunji 

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Drama recommendation: Marriage Not Dating

Well, if you like tough female leads who love alcohol ;)

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Artist: Travel Sketch (여행스케치)
Song: Destiny (운명)
Album: 4집 Story of Grown-up Kids (다 큰 애들 이야기)

Throwback! If you follow the drama, Reply 1994, you may recognize that Kim Sung Kyun (김성균) and Dohee (도희) sang this together. It’s originally by Travel Sketch, a very old band that debuted in 1989. This song was released way back in 1994! (That was before I was born..) Though it gives off the old school vibe with the overuse of echo, it’s such a beautiful track that expresses the deep love that’s hard to find in modern love songs.

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Do you ever rewatch early episodes of a series, from before you became obsessed with it, and you’re like: This feels different now. Our relationship has changed. You’re no longer a casual fling. We’re married.

#reply 1997

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Answer Me, Youths Over Flowers » Dramabeans →

They left for Laos on July 7! You can still book the earliest flight to Laos today. Good luck, everyone!

(this is for the anon who messaged me about show details, this is all i have now… sorry i can’t help much)

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[Youth Over Flowers] 20140708 | Yoo Yeon Seok, Baro and Son Ho Jun in Vientiane, Laos Part 1

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Congrats, Laos! Sudden influx of Korean tourists next holiday season :)

Croatia is a solid proof.

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[tvN Youth Over Flowers] 20140707 Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho Jun and Baro (with Shin PD) | Incheon Airport heading to Laos 4/?
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Just wanna say thanks to everyone who have messaged me about the questions i asked a few weeks before. And also sorry that i didnt reply everyone personally.

As for me, my favorite is Samcheonpo! While he didnt win the looks, hes def a husband type, someone who could be so sweet without even trying to. I can already imagine him being a house-husband taking care of the kids and ugh skfjwkkwwjwhw it would be such a lovely sight. That bit where he gave his girl bank books is just so amazing, it shows how serious he is about their future plans :”) a diamond ring is beautiful, but bank books say something more, like, if i wanna keep you forever i will make sure youre taken care of! Oof.

Favorite actress is jeung eunji ofc! She has the brightest smile. Even in her first acting job, she executed her character very well. I give tons of credits for jung woo too! Its not easy being oppa, the crazy yet caring character. Hope to see them both in more projects.

And i agree with some of you who said the ending for Chilbong in 94 seemed so rushed! So yeah, 97 it is for me hehehe. Sigh, im biased til the end. But side characters in 94 have better stories. If only they didnt pull the red car prank (yes i still feel cheated! Lol), the two might be a tie.

If you have general thoughts about the show or cast, feel free to let me know…

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